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Once you have agreed to proceed with the garden design service, a full site survey will be carried out. This involves measuring the boundary area of the existing garden, any slopes, walls, trees etc. to be retained and any problem areas to be resolved.
This is an overall layout plan of the client’s garden showing the hard landscaping shapes, lawn shapes, flower borders etc. It highlights which combination of materials is to be used in your re-designed garden. This will then be used to create a detailed estimate of the various hard and soft landscaping costs of both materials and labour to complete your garden makeover. This will be presented to you in person so that you have the opportunity discuss it and understand it fully prior to the construction phase.
FREE GARDEN DESIGN if agreement given by client to do the corresponding landscaping works, based on estimate.
Have you ever felt that in the past you have wasted a lot of time and money ‘impulse buying’ plants at the local garden, not really feeling confident in your decisions and being disappointed at the end result? Do not fear….we can help! We have a good understanding of the plants that do well in problem areas, such as dry shade or wet boggy ground, for example. Get the right combination of plants for year round interest and it can make a huge difference to the overall look of your garden, especially if you have gone to the expense of getting it all re-landscaped. So please get in touch if you which to discuss.
We are more than happy to discuss your gardening concerns, from drainage problems on your lawn to choosing from a wide selection of landscape construction materials on offer.
This involves a brief, friendly talk through the design process and other services offered. Next would be to look at your existing garden and complete a questionnaire so that I can go away with a clear understanding of your individual tastes and needs on which to base a design outline plan.

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